CulverLand – Finished

Here are some pictures as we finally finished installing “CulverLand” late in the afternoon on Friday, October 1.   We were completely hot and exhausted at the time, so we didn’t get the best photos.  We’d spent four days painting out in the sun, with temperatures reaching 100+.  Most of the time it was difficult to see what we were doing with all the sweat dripping in our eyes.  And then there were all the problems with the paint… which we think we’d solved.

Since this is a “temporary artwork,” that is due to be removed in a month, we tried using “temporary” paint — a special kind of paint that fades naturally and is easy to remove.  It turned out to be a little TOO easy to remove, as some of the colors had an aversion to actually sticking to the pavement (it’s also one of the reasons there is no “Day 3” video — we were just TOO frustrated on that day to make a decent video).  This is also why the installation took four days, instead of the original two we had planned on.

However, we eventually fixed the paint problems, and everything looked great.  And it was finally done!  Off to Kay N Daves, just down the block, for the best margaritas around.

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