Hello, Cruel World

Saturday morning, 9:30 a.m.  I was going to finally remove the traffic cones and caution tape that had been surrounding the artwork for the past four days (and slightly disrupting pedestrian traffic on the walkway).  I was also going to take the first official pictures of the finished artwork.

However, I was only there for a few minutes when it started to downpour.  Fifteen minutes of fairly heavy rain.  Strangely enough, it was not raining at my house in Culver City, about one mile West of the artwork.  Apparently, it only rained this hard, and for this long, right in downtown Culver City, just above the artwork.  I’d felt like I’d painted a giant bullseye on the ground for every raincloud around to target.

Literally, as I was about to remove the cones and open “CulverLand” to the world, it almost got destroyed by rain.  What are the chances of that happening here in Southern California, where it almost never rains?

Normally, rain like this wouldn’t be a big problem.  But, as I explained in the previous post, much of this “temporary” artwork is painted with “temporary” paint.  This paint is purposefully designed to be removed using water only (no solvents or chemicals required).  It’s a great concept.  Unless… of course… it rains.  Which it did on Saturday morning.

At the time of the downpour, I thought everything was ruined.  The red paint ran all over the place, bleeding and streaking across the other colors.  Giant puddles of red obscured much of the type my wife Kim had painstakingly painted on.  I thought we were doomed.

After the weather cleared, however, it was only slightly messed up.  We’ll be watching the weather, and will probably try to patch things up before Indiecade begins on Oct. 8.

Meanwhile… the traffic cones are still up there, making sure no one walks on it while the surface is still wet.

And five days after we started painting this, we are still not done.  Ugh!

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