CulverLand Repairs begin today

Rain has finally stopped falling on CulverLand.

The rain has finally ended.

Rain has been falling on “CulverLand” almost since the moment we finished painting it.  The average rainfall for the entire month of October in Los Angeles is usually less than half an inch.  We got more than that on Wednesday alone (.62 inches fell at nearby LAX on Wednesday — a new record, according to

The downpours have hammered the artwork, which was designed to be temporary and water-soluble.  It would’ve been a great plan… had it not rained.  But it did rain.  For nearly five days.

Good news is: repairs begin today.  Hopefully the paint will be dry by this evening, and the game will be ready and playable before the IndieCade Festival opens tomorrow, Friday, October 8.

Apologies to everyone in Culver City who has had to walk around the caution tape and traffic cones we used to protect the art (and any passersby) during the rainfall.  They should be gone soon.

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