First heat, then rain, now Zohan

A week of record-setting heat and another week of record-setting rain were simply not enough afflictions for our Job-like struggle to install “CulverLand.”  The game still had to contend with one more disaster before it’s opening.

An Adam Sandler movie.

Yes, that’s right.  We woke up Thursday morning to find Mr. Happy Madison himself was making a movie in Culver City.  Which is great.  But did he have to do it on the same EXACT day, and the same EXACT spot, where we were trying to finish “CulverLand?

Dozens of film crew trucks park by (and occasionally drive over) CulverLand

We arrived at the game site on Thursday to do our final touch-ups on the artwork before the beginning of IndieCade.  We found a small army of film production trucks suddenly parking by and driving over our game.  There’s pretty much nothing that will tear up the temporary paint of “CulverLand” more efficiently than the tires of a 10-ton grip truck.  There were at least a dozen or more of these trucks there, as well as larger vehicles.

Fortunately, the crew was mostly cooperative once we explained what was going on.  And they seemed to make an effort at avoiding any unintended demolition.  And we only had to paint over about half a dozen deep tire marks.  It just made everything THAT more difficult.

Yes, “Culver City” is the home to several movies studios and is nicknamed “The Heart of Screenland.” So it’s not unexpected to have a few film crews around town.  But did they really have to set up all their gear on this day, and at this time, right next to and on top of our repeatedly abused artwork and game?

The sudden appearance of this major production did not make things any easier for all the IndieCade folks trying to set up for this weekend’s festival in the nearby lot.  On the plus side, the art decorators went to town on the Culver Hotel.  Those are fake flowers in the bushes, by the way.  Those bushes don’t grow flowers.

Set decorators dress up the "Culver Hotel" for the upcoming Adam Sandler movie "Jack and Jill"

The new movie is apparently called “Jack and Jill,” in which Adam Sandler plays both a man AND a woman, according to one of the film crew members.  We didn’t stick around to see which version of him  (“Jack” or “Jill”) was actually in these scenes at the Culver Hotel.

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